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Bible Stories Are TRUE!! 🙌

“Sanctify them by the truth; your Word is truth.” Jesus in John 17:17

Hello friends and I KNOW I talk about this all the time but it NEEDS to be said over and over that our Bible stories are TRUE! Do you believe that? There is in fact no greater truth than our Bible! God’s Word is truth and I talk all about it in my new video with ANDREW JONES LIVE FROM SINAI PART 2 at! Even when circumstances seem to contradict it, it’s true. God’s Word has always been proven true over time. Over the last couple hundred years MANY have scoffed at the words of life. They questioned the historicity of the Hitites and later discovered evidence of their civilization. They said the exodus didn’t happen, yet we’ve found Mount Sinai and the Red Sea Crossing. They said man evolved from monkeys. However, the fossil record clearly shows evidence of a GLOBAL flood with billions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water all over the earth. Most notably, they said Jesus wasn’t real. Yet the New Testament is BY FAR the most attested to ancient writing in all of human history and it is confirmed by believing and nonbelieving sources alike. The bottom line is this: THE BIBLE IS TRUE. God’s Word is ALIVE and you can have true life by believing in what he says. Isn’t that awesome?! Believe in God’s great Gospel today so that you can walk with him right now and throughout eternity!


Do you believe the Bible is true and that you can take it at face value?

Watch my new video with Andrew Jones live from Sinai at What do the stories of the Bible and their TRUTH mean to you?

How can you share God’s great Gospel with someone else today?

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