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🤔 Can You LOSE Your Salvation??

“He who began a good work in you WILL see it through to completion.” Philippians 1:6


Hey friends! Have you ever wondered if you can LOSE 😱 your salvation?? If you’re a Christian, I KNOW you’ve had that question and there’s good news because that is the topic of discussion in my latest video (linked below), BUT this isn’t even the BEST news you’ll receive today because I’m going to tell you that the salvation you have from Jesus is ETERNALLY SECURE 🔓


There are MULTIPLE reasons for this, chief among them is that God WILL finish the work he started in you! This might sound like a small point, but in the Bible we see that God actually CREATES faith in you. Yes! 🤯 The reason you have faith in the first place is because God gave you a NEW SPIRITUAL NATURE. That being the case, FAITH is just what you DO now!


The Apostle Paul noticed this same thing when he said in Romans, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of Christ.” To simplify things, God actually gives you the ability to HEAR the Gospel with spiritual ears (a new nature). I’ll bet that makes you look at our opening Scripture in a whole new way!!  


In my latest video, I actually take things to the NEXT LEVEL by looking at statements of the second generation of Christians known collectively as the Church Fathers and guess what, I still arrived at the same conclusion.


One of those fathers, Barnabas, says it this way, “He circumcised our ears [hearts] in order that when we hear the Word we might believe.”


OK, look, you DON’T want to miss this video. I think it will be INCREDIBLY good news for your soul and help produce even MORE fruit than you have already! Be blessed friend and let me know what you think about God’s AMAZING salvation with a reply or a comment! 😀



Do you think you can lose your salvation? Why or why not?


Have the Scriptures I’ve mentioned made you rethink your opinion?


Watch my new video linked below and explain what it might mean to you that NOTHING can permanently ruin your relationship with God!



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