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🇺🇸 Does a Nation “NEED” Jesus?? 🧐

“We received grace and apostleship to call ALL THE GENTILES to the obedience that comes from faith for his name’s sake.” Romans 1:5


Good morning, friends! What happens when a nation rejects Jesus? I think you’d agree with me that we don’t have to look too far to answer that question and people are WAKING UP to what’s going on … even former opponents of the Gospel like infamous atheist Richard Dawkins who recently said that his home country of Great Britain needs to get back to its Christian roots 🤯 🤯 🤯


You heard me right! In fact, he even goes as far as to call himself a “cultural Christian” and you can watch his Resurrection Sunday comments for yourself in my new video lined below 👇


OK look, NONE of this is new, right??


Israel rejected God many times and we see the results of what happened, BUT what’s different today is that the CHURCH has the job of making the WHOLE WORLD God’s Kingdom … something we’ve been working on for two millennia. That’s what Paul meant when he said we’ve received a mission to call “ALL” nations. Don’t believe me? Well, he actually doubled down in his speech to the Athenians when he said God overlooked pagan ignorance but that “now he commands ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE to repent” (Acts 17:30).


Friends, don’t forget that the discipleship of the WHOLE WORLD is our mission, it’s a mission that will be fulfilled in God’s time.


Now, to answer my original question, “What happens when a nation walks away from God?” Bad things. We are witnessing the rotten fruit of an open rebellion to the King of Kings right in front of our own eyes to the point that even atheists are saying they want to go back to a Christian culture! That’s why I’m encouraging you this week to STAND STRONG against the spiritual forces of evil AND to keep pushing back the darkness by discipling our nation. If we’re successful, we will stop God’s judgment on this generation!



Have you ever considered why Jesus said to “disciple the nations” (Matthew 28:19)?


What would a whole nation that has been discipled look like?


Do you think global discipleship is possible? What can you do today to be a part of the process?



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