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Is This The End Times? The Antichrist

As we wrap up this series "Is This The End Times?", I want you to take heart and remember this- you have absolutely nothing to fear in this world. Through it all, the one constant that remains is Jesus. He is and will be ruler over everything and everyone. It is easy to get caught up in hysteria and that's especially true when we aren't fully informed. But- the good news is we have all the information we need in the scriptures! It is right at our fingertips and all we have to do is embrace it. It is one thing to read the Bible, but when we approach it with an open heart then we will receive the blessings it has to offer through God. There are so many life tips and lessons littered throughout the word of God and that should be enough encouragement to go after it each and every day! Understand that king Jesus will bless you in an abundant way that will forever change who you are. Be blessed and love ya in Jesus!

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