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Press Your EDGE

Have you recently hit a rut in your life? Maybe it's dealing with your children (and their schooling)... issues with your house... problems at work. Whatever it may be that has you feeling like you can't catch a break, understand that God is in total control of everything! As we continue with our sermon series and explore the journey of Paul, we see him addressing the people about the troubles he has encountered. He wants them to be informed that there will be troubling times ahead and those times are unavoidable. During those times, the pressure was so severe that it was far beyond what they were capable of enduring. But God called him to press his EDGE. He discusses how he felt like he was receiving the ultimate penalty: death! Can you really think about trying to navigate through so much turmoil? There's great news when we are pushed to the EDGE like Paul; Jesus gives us the strength to press on! It's often in times like these that God is so clearly at work in our lives. He takes our pain and suffering and grants us the power to keep going. You see- we can't do it on our own, no matter how much we think we can. But Jesus took every negative thing that we have or will experience and shouldered it on the cross. No longer do we have to give up when we're at our EDGE. Just like Paul, we can receive victory in the God who raises the dead! So I encourage you to take a step back and understand that your troubles can be transformed into triumph in Christ Jesus. Ask him for the strength, wisdom, and the ability to press on and he will give it to you! In fact, he already has and we just have to ask for it. Find encouragement through the storm and you can be sure that when you make it through to the other side, you will feel more at peace. Be blessed and love ya in Jesus!


What have you recently had to press through in your life?

How did you overcome whatever it was that brought you to your edge?

What would you do differently or how can you encourage others who are also struggling to proceed?

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