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Remember Where You've BEEN

Have you ever experienced a time where you remembered something from a long time ago? Maybe it was a distant memory from your childhood or a special moment that had a positive impact on your life. I imagine that you had a feeling attached to that specific time. In Hebrews 10, we see the people remembering where they were during their time in the wilderness. They remember enduring the great conflict and suffering. They were going through the pain but they were building perseverance in the process. That's what I want you to focus on today. Remembering where you've been in your life allows you to understand what you've done differently since that time. If you find yourself not seeing a change, then I encourage you to seek God for wisdom in your decision making. God is always moving you closer to where he wants you to be. He's guiding you into his promised land for your life and it's where you will discover true love and happiness. In order to get there, you have to sometimes remember where you've already been so you see more clearly where you're going. There will be difficult times moving forward, but just like the Israelites in Hebrews, your endurance will help you continue the journey! God is always with you even in the midst of turmoil. There's no place you can go that God will not see you through it all. Be encouraged and be willing to call on the name of Jesus because he will always answer no matter where you've been. Be blessed and love ya in Jesus!


What do you consider your wilderness?

What have you done to escape your wilderness and continue towards God's promised land for your life?

How can remembering where you've been help you and others as the journey continues?

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