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Thanks for considering partnership with this ministry! 

Gospel Ministries

WHAT IS IT? Gospel Ministries focuses on helping others engage their culture with excellence through technology and media. This ministry produces content that promotes the Gospel AND we support churches who are seeking to make a difference by sharing Christ with the world.


WHO IS PASTOR AJ? Pastor AJ Platt is the lead pastor of Gospel Ministries in northeastern Ohio. He has over 20 years of pastoral experience and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Knox Seminary. He is passionate about sharing the gospel with everyone everywhere on any occasion possible and helping others do the same.


WHAT IS PASTORAJ.COM? Gospel Ministries also creates quality and original content through video, graphic design, social media, blogging and traditional printed materials with the intention of communicating the gospel everywhere and furthering the advancement of God’s kingdom in the world. Every week thousands of people engage the life-changing truths of the Bible through this ministry.


HOW CAN I PARTNER WITH YOU? Thanks for your interest! You can be a part of what we’re doing in several ways:


PRAY: God’s kingdom advances through prayer and we are so grateful for your prayers that help us to continue to serve Christ every week by creating quality content and helping others do the same.


SUBSCRIBE: You can help us spread our influence in your community and beyond by following, liking and sharing social content on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram @pastorajplatt. You can also subscribe to Pastor AJ’s weekly encouraging email.


FINANCIAL PARTNERSHIP: This ministry is dependent on the gifts of others so prayerfully consider partnering with our ministry monthly at by following the link on this page!

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