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Aliens Did Not Make Man

"God formed man from the dust of the ground." Genesis 2:7

Have you ever heard Christians criticized because they believe the Bible accurately describes how God created everything we see? This criticism likens our faith to all of the mythological religions of the world and sees the book of Genesis as an old wives’ tale. What you may not know is that an even bigger problem comes into play in trying to explain how life came from nothing. In fact, a simple celled organism is so complex that it is literally impossible for that cell to have popped into existence out of thin air. Some scientists have tried to put a number on the chances of life occurring uncaused and those chances are not good. In fact, they are impossible. Their figures are higher than the speculated number of atoms in the universe. You heard me correctly! And because of this, many leading scientists have speculated that aliens seeded life on earth. You heard me correctly again! They believe that, since spontaneous life is impossible, our life came from intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. Of course, in their worldview, our ancestor aliens also had to come about by evolutionary processes. Bill Nye (the "Science" Guy) actually speculated that life on earth came from bacteria on Mars. That’s right, we’re Martians! Don’t laugh! My son actually heard this from his teacher in our local public elementary school. At this point I’ll stop and let you think for yourself. What sounds more scientific: the Bible or speculation of Biblical proportions? Remember that “the fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Psalm 14:1). When we walk away from Biblical truth we leave reason out of the room. Instead of surrendering to insane speculations, trust in what the Bible says about life on this planet and Jesus’ plans for your life. Those plans are greater than you know!


How does your faith in God help you to see the world clearer?

What is one way the Bible has helped you personally discern fact from cultural fiction?

Is there one way you think you can help others overcome the lies of the world? Give a specific example if you have experienced one?

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