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Another Fake Fossil!

"And God said ... 'Let birds fly above the earth across the vault of the sky.' So God created ... every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good." Genesis 1:20-21

I apologize in advance for the seeming negativity of this statement. But what I’d like you to know today is that everything isn’t always on the up and up in the scientific community when it comes to advancing the claims of evolution. Every so often, the “scientific community” holds up a new find and let’s their imaginations run wild. Sometimes, however, their impulsive desire to push their theory opens the door for a grand hoax. This was the case early in the last century with the fraudulent fossil known as Piltdown Man that was flaunted as fact in textbooks for forty years until the skull was later discovered to be the skullcap of a man mixed with the jawbone of an orangutang. Crazy right! Unfortunately, this example was used as hard evidence paving the way for evolutionary teachings in public schools. Well, this same thing has also happened in our lifetime. In November of 1999 National Geographic actually publicly promoted a missing link bridging the gap between dinosaurs and birds. Unfortunately, the fossil (similar to the picture in today’s graphic) was later discovered to be a fraud similar to Piltdown Man of the last century. How on earth could this happen? It’s reasoned that the discoverer of the fossil combined the impression of an ancient bird with the tail of a small dinosaur, thus, creating the illusion of the world’s first dino-bird-o-saurus. Equally as unfortunate, is that an unsuspecting fool paid $80,000 for the forgery. Ouch! But soon enough, the fossil originally dubbed archaeoraptor became known as a huge foul up. The moral of the story is not to be alarmed by every new find. Things aren’t always as they seem even when the information is coming from a supposed authority. If evolution were true there would be so many transitionary forms in the fossil record that we wouldn’t be able to count them all. Instead put your trust in God’s Word, the only true authority in this life and the next. Hoping you all have a great week!


How do you think misinformation gives people the wrong impression that evolution is true?

How have you experienced God's Word as true and living?

How can you help others better understand the Bible?

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