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💪 Be BOLD for Jesus!

“Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your Word with great BOLDNESS.” Acts 4:29


Hello friends and happy Lord’s Day! Have you ever thought about what it would have been like living in the days written about in the book of Acts?? 🤔 I mean it had to be incredible!


This was especially true for those who had witnessed Jesus’ life and ministry AND I think it explains why his followers were so BOLD. In fact, that’s EXACTLY what they prayed for … check it out in our opening scripture.


What’s CRAZY about their prayer is it took place on the heels of Peter and John’s beating and jailtime! Can you imagine??


It is this same spirit of BOLDNESS that I’m praying for in our community and beyond with my NEW BILLBOARD CAMPAIGN in five communities across northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania. That’s ALSO what I’m praying for YOU!!


Can you live like the early church in our modern world?? I believe you CAN and, honestly, our world needs you now more than ever.


In fact, in this week’s video linked 👇👇👇  I actually discuss a RECENT example of a pastor being KICKED OFF THE STAGE for a similar display of boldness.


My point is you have the SAME Jesus and the SAME Holy Spirit the early church had. So, what are you so afraid of?? Go out there and be BOLD for Jesus today!



How does our modern church line up with the examples of believers we see in Acts?


Have you ever done anything BOLD for Jesus? What happened?


What is one BOLD thing you can do for Jesus today?  



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