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Be BOLD With Your Testimony!

Did you know that every place and situation you are put in is free game to share your testimony? Peter and John shared theirs in a court hearing and they were facing really tough situations. Accused of healing a crippled man and looking at jail time, they were unbelievably BOLD! I'd like to think that displaying boldness of this caliber would be extremely challenging, but with Jesus Christ there is no reason to have fear! You can be staring death in the face and be completely at peace with God in your heart. Sometimes we try to sugarcoat the Gospel, but here in this story we see that isn't always the case. There are probably going to be some uncomfortable times that you're presented to share who God is and what role he plays in your life - but, you might be surprised in how easy it may come to you once you have done it! When you're able to accept that challenge, you'll find the love and freedom only Jesus can give you. I encourage you to get a little uncomfortable. I want you to tell seven people about your Jesus story! Be BOLD and speak about what you've seen and heard. You can be assured that God will be at work in your life when you do. Be blessed and love ya in Jesus!


What are ways you can share your story in today's culture?

How can being BOLD in tough places make you stronger in your faith?

Do you think it is easier or more difficult to be BOLD sharing your testimony in today's way of living? Why?

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