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Defy Yourself!

Going up against an obstacle can create a wide variety of emotions. It can be exhilarating taking on a challenge. It can be fearful because you don’t know if you’ll win or not. There can be so many different thoughts for one situation. The story I want to talk about is 3 men who became courageous when fighting their obstacle. These men displayed so much bravery and fearlessness that not even fire could touch them! In Daniel, we see Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in a foreign land staring at the possibility of death if they didn’t worship the false gods and idols that everyone else was. What is so beautiful about the testimony of these guys is that they didn’t really have a blueprint on how to respond to such intense adversity. The king was the most powerful person known at this time and they flat out said no to his demands. Their faith was tested and they were thrown into a furnace that was seven times hotter than usual. I mean, it was so hot that the ones who were carrying them actually died from the heat! Jesus appeared with the three in the fire and protected them from the flames! I want you to know God is with you to protect you from the flames of the world today. When you defy yourself and serve God, there is nothing that can beat you. He is the only one who has the power to grant you what you need in your life. When we allow him to strip us of our anxiety, worry of finances, and everything else that can be a burden in our lives, we can experience glory today! I encourage you to seek Jesus for the comfort you need. All you have to do is reach out and I promise you his embrace will ignite you to a level of joy you can’t even imagine! Be blessed!


What is the fire in your life that you need saved from?

How can the story of these 3 men encourage you when facing new obstacles?

Why is it important to defy yourself when focusing on your everyday faith?

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