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🐵 Do You Believe in Evolution?

“From one man he made all the nations.” Acts 17:26


Hi Christian friends! Have you ever read your Bible and seen the stories of our spiritual ancestors engaging with a PAGAN culture only to wonder, “Where has all of the paganism gone?”


What if I told you the SAME spiritual battle still rages in our day and the only reason it’s not as clear to us is that it’s happening right in front of our eyes in the name of “SCIENCE” 🤯 🤯 🤯


You heard me right …. and today it comes in the form of EVOLUTION. That’s why I wanted to point out to you that the Biblical authors (including Jesus) ALL believed in a YOUNG universe, created by God out of NOTHING. The statement I began with was actually spoken by Paul to a pagan audience in ancient Athens.


In fact, the idea that the universe is eternal actually comes from the PAGAN (pre-Christian) Greeks. You heard me right. And despite modern Christians IMPOSING long ages on the Bible, the church has historically and UNANIMOUSLY seen things the same way. That is, of course, until recently …


OK. Maybe this is a lot for you to swallow from a theological perspective. Well, if that’s the case you REALLY need to watch my new video (linked below) that showcases a recent development in the paleontological community: SOFT TISSUE in dinosaur bones 🦴


That’s right.


Among other things, this discovery also reveals that the world’s fossils and all of the rock layers beneath our feet can only be the product of a GLOBAL FLOOD. Yikes! Maybe that dusty old book we read is true after all and all of those dinosaur bones aren’t as “old” as we think!!



Do you believe in evolution?


What does soft tissue in dinosaur bones potentially say about modern “science” and origin theories?


Watch my NEW VIDEO linked below and prayerfully give the topic of creation a fresh look!


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