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Don't Dismiss Your DOWN

Verse for the Week: “I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.” 1 Corinthians 6:2

Bible Reference for Small Groups: Acts 9:1-6

During this time of quarantine maybe you've had some life goals like painting rooms, organizing closets, reading a certain book or just spending more time with your kids … you know, after you do the homeschooling thing, answer math questions that make no sense and try to social distance yourself from the refrigerator!  We are all in a DOWN time.  In the past we’ve all wanted some down time but I don’t think we ever thought of this!  I don’t think Saul thought he’d be getting knocked down, have a name change, become blind for a time, and be one of the most legendary Christians in history either.  But if he wasn’t knocked down he would never have seen God’s massive plan for his life let alone the impact his “down” would have on Christians all over the world.  Often times I think that because I am not a “Bible character” then my purpose is not nearly as important as theirs.  Then God shows me obstacles in my life that he has helped me to overcome. All of them have been down moments. Usually we’re not on our feet when we have an epiphany. Most likely, you’ve been knocked to your knees when something special hits you.  With that in mind, look where you are right now.  You’re in a moment of still, a stay at home order, a lockdown. Don’t dismiss that down!  God has purposed these moments, this moment for us as Christians to seek after him.  It is an opportunity like Paul (the artist formally known as Saul) to become blind to what we think we need, and to be given exactly what God wants to speak into our lives.  Maybe it’s for you to come alongside others in a new and creative way.  Maybe it’s to pick someone up just like the men did that were with Paul the day he was knocked down.  God may want to use you to speak peace or comfort to someone during this time.  Don’t be too busy always chasing after what you want.  Seek after what God wants for you.  View this time as your “up”! Perspective is everything.  If you view this season as a horrible negative experience, even if that is your reality you may not be able to see all that God has for you.  He wants you to view this season as an up-ortunity or the opportunity to look up to the heavens and cry out to God for his goodness. Have a great week!


What are a few ways you can view your down as an up?  How can you help others change their perspective as well?

Why does it appear that God’s kingdom is an upside-down kingdom?  Think about a few examples listed in the Bible.

Read 2 Corinthians chapter 6:1-2.  Do you feel that today is the day of salvation and now is the time of God’s favor in our world despite all the chaos going on?  Does that scripture give you comfort and peace that no matter what our world looks like we, as believers, carry the favor of God? 

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