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Don't Overlook the EPIC!

Why do we sometimes overlook the magnitude of things or situations we’ve been put in? It’s easy to breeze over some of the major points that have gotten you to where you are at this point in your life. In Acts chapter 17, we see Paul speaking with the local town council about their religious ways and their praise to an unknown god. After calling them out on their ways, he epically schools them on the true reality of where we all come from. How Jesus has set forth the creation of mankind and that we must rely on him fully to live a life of meaning. More specifically, God after having chosen to overlook the ignorance’s of people, now commands everyone to repent. That is a truth that simply can’t be overlooked. What we have to remind ourselves of is that we are in a new day and time. That we aren’t the ones in charge of ourselves. We can no longer be ignorant to this truth because it only allows us to live foolishly. The message of the Gospel is too epic to overlook and there’s plenty of verses to prove it. Now is the time to focus on what is happening in culture and separate ourselves from it so that we can show the world who Jesus is and who he has made us to be. God chose us and gave us this message so that we can deliver it to people today! Take the time to deliver the message of Jesus because that’s your purpose. You can fulfill your purpose through your profession, art, musical abilities, etc. But the purpose remains the same and you are equipped to complete it. Be blessed and love ya in Jesus!


How can you separate yourself from culture but still have an impact speaking of the Gospel?

In what ways can you gain the strength and courage to stand up to those may be readily waiting to cut you down for your beliefs?

Why is it easier to be proactive when something epic happens? How can we see and do more when sometimes life feels like we’re in an idle state?

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