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🍄 Drugs a Doorway for DEMONS?? 😈 😱

“By your magic SPELLS, the nations were led astray.” Revelation 18:23


Hi friends! Do you smoke weed?? 😬 I know, I know … “Well, HELLO to you too Pastor AJ!” OK, look, I get it and honestly this is a little uncomfortable for me too.  


I also know I say this EVERY WEEK but you literally CANNOT miss this week’s video (linked below) where I talk about DRUGS and their probable connection to the DEMONIC 😱 😱 😱 


You heard me right. In fact, drugs are actually mentioned in the Bible and Revelation 18:23, mentioned above, uses an interesting word for “spells.” The Greek word is “pharmakeia” and YES it’s where we get our modern word “pharmacy.” Yikes! 😳  


In ancient Hebrew culture, pharmakeia had a conceptual link to witchcraft, spells, potions and rituals that facilitated a mentally altered state. These things were ALWAYS connected to idolatry and pagan worship. This understanding actually explains the verse we began with very well and WHY according to Revelation drugs would be used to lead the world astray.


Hang with me for ONE MORE MINUTE because this will blow you mind 🤯 …


If you dive a little deeper into the belief system of the Biblical authors, you actually find that this unholy misuse of illicit drugs and the occult began with fallen angels who accelerated the process humanity started with the fall by teaching people things like warfare, sexual perversions and drug use. Here’s a specific quote from Enoch whose demonology was referenced by Peter, Jude and other New Testament authors:


 “All the [fallen angels] … took unto themselves wives … and they taught them charms and enchantments and the cutting of roots and made them acquainted with plants” (Enoch 7:10).


YES, pharmakeia appears in this passage as “charms” AND all of the things that follow are also associated with hallucinogens, sorcery and the pagan occult.


OK look, I’m NOT downplaying the prayerful use modern medications for illnesses, but what I AM trying to do is show you the connection between hallucinogenic drugs and even a misuse of “medications” with the spiritual realm! You’re probably playing with demons!



What are your thoughts on drugs and the supernatural after our discussion?


Do you regularly take hallucinogenic drugs? If so, do you think you can justify it from a Christian perspective?


Do you struggle with drug addiction and misuse? Talk to your pastor and a Christian counselor today about how you can break free through Jesus’ supernatural power!



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