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Easter Is EPIC!

Have you ever seen something so out of this world that you almost couldn’t believe you just saw it? Most people would say it was EPIC. The story of Easter is the most EPIC story that has ever been told! In fact, it’s so insane, it’s still happening as we speak. When Jesus was crucified on the cross, it set in motion events that have directly impacted our daily lives! Can you picture the scene of Jesus’ resurrection? Here’s a man that has been preaching all over the land and performing miracles... Defying human possibilities now seen hanging dead on a cross. I’m sure a lot of people thought all hope was lost. But- then he appears again in the flesh! The bible tells us how a lot of people didn’t even believe it was really Jesus who rose from the dead. He even had a long walk and conversation with some folks before they realized who they were talking to. I’m here to tell you that Easter is the reason for you to experience victory in EPIC fashion! All of the losses that you’ve suffered can be wiped away. This gives you hope in ways that will allow you to be undefeated when the season of life ends. I encourage you to tap into the resurrection power of God and receive all that it has to offer you. God bless & I hope you and your family had an EPIC Easter!


How has God helped you bounce back from a "lost hope" situation?

What ways can the Easter story help enhance your understanding of faith?

Explain how Easter can transcend the cultural views of todays world.

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