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Epic Goes BANG!

When I'm watching an epic NBA finals series, I get chills when I hear Mike Breen yell "BANG" after someone hits a huge shot or dunk. Top that off with the noise of the crowd and you're officially in a zone only major sports fans can understand. What's even cooler is the events leading up to that big moment. When we compare this to our walk with Christ, we can view different times in our lives as those defining factors that make us who we are. And receiving the revelation of Christ is the BANG in our life that will propel us to new heights in him. Paul was practically living in a moment of BANG during his travels. His accusations included turning the world upside down and teaching people to disregard the law of Moses. But the gospel in his heart fueled him and allowed refusal to be completely eliminated from everything he associated himself with. It's truly outrageous how much flack this man caught every single day. I don't know if I could continue to push the way he did had I experienced similar end products. But God does call us to be a part of the change He's creating. We are to be apostles, just like Paul, and go without fear and hesitation. There will undoubtedly be obstacles that may make us question if what we're doing is right or even the right way. But in order to be like Christ, we have to resist those thoughts and feelings and operate with the expectation of great results. We are absolutely prepared to achieve all of this because Jesus says so. He took on the same things that we experience to give us victory. All we have to do is take the first step. Be blessed and love ya in Jesus!


In what ways can you be more like Paul when spreading the Gospel?

How can you overcome the obstacles you face to keep pushing forward?

How do you know when God is calling for you to accelerate in your faith?

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