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Evolutionists SECRETLY Believe in a Flood!

“For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed. He has given proof of this to everyone by raising him from the dead.” Acts 17:31

I want you to think about something. Worldview is EVERYTHING! I talk about this in this week’s podcast titled “Evolution: Facts or Frames?” (@pastorajplatt) This simple truth illustrates why many evolutionists are hiding something from you. It’s because of what they bring to the table BEFORE science. You heard me correctly. Evolutionists, just like everyone else, operate under a FAITH narrative, simply believing that our world is billions of years old before any research is conducted. I’ve shared this with you before, but their belief is called the principle of uniformity. So in that regard, here’s their dirty little secret: EVOLUTIONISTS SECRETLY BELIEVE IN A GLOBAL FLOOD!! Isn’t that crazy? I guess in their terminology it would be “floods” (plural) or “transgressions” or what ever they want to call it. But to my point, these things describe a GLOBAL FLOOD. I mean, for all the flack that Biblical creationists take in pop culture and academia for their sensational belief that all life was once wiped out by water, this one is starting to seem like it’s a matter of the pot calling the kettle black. In fact, in a recent conversation I had with an evolutionist, he denied my claim outright that evolutionists also believe in multiple global floods but went on to explain that earth’s geology was once formed by a series of oceanic advances and retreats. Can you believe that he even pointed me to a Wikipedia article that said the same thing!? We’ll here’s the truth: There are millions of dead things buried in rock layers that were laid down by water all over the earth. They just can’t get around it! Yet they also don’t like to use the word “flood” because, for many extremists, it points too close to the truth of Noah’s flood, God’s judgment on the earth and the Bible actually being true. Never mind that things like billions of years of evolutionary “layers” are missing (along with their transitional forms) and soft tissue, yes SOFT TISSUE, is regularly found in dinosaur and other ancient bones, indicating, that the earth is only thousands of years old. Like I said when I started, WORLDVIEW IS EVERYTHING! So what’s your worldview? When Paul spoke with the ancient pagans in Athens (see Acts 17), he started with the Biblical worldview that all men came from one man and that all men will one day be judged by the Lord Jesus. So don’t doubt the Bible stories because of a few unbelievers who are afraid to tell you what they ACTUALLY believe. Instead, trust the Bible. Also, trust Jesus and step into God’s ark by receiving him as your Savior!


Have you ever heard that evolutionists believe the world has been flooded many times because of overwhelming evidence in geology? What do you think about the fact that they don’t wear this information on their shirtsleeve?

What importance does the truth of Noah’s flood have for us today?

Watch my video called “Evolution: Facts or Frames” (@pastorajplatt) and explain how information like this might be helpful as you share your faith with others. Also answer the question: Do you know Jesus as your Savior? If not, send me a message and I’ll tell you how to receive his Holy Spirit and KNOW that you will spend an eternity with God!

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