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EXIT Ahead

If you're like me, then you may enjoy the ending of a good book or movie a little more than the opening scene. There's something about the last image that allows you to create in your mind the way the next series of events will be when they pick back up. We've been studying the ancient Christians and their season in the wilderness. They had to EXIT the wilderness in order to enter into something new. In the same way, when Jesus came to fulfill his mission he had to exit this place to lead us in reaching people for his name. So many times in our lives we have trouble finding peace because we haven't made the decision to leave the past behind us. We tell ourselves that the things we've done cannot be forgiven, and so we allow darkness to overcome. The bible is full of stories of characters who made really bad decisions, but after receiving Christ and exiting their own personal wilderness, they found what they were searching for! Jesus is what you may be looking for in your heart. It's possible you've searched in the wrong places and until you EXIT through whatever it is that's holding you back, you can't experience the fullness God wants to give you! I encourage you to not look back, but to take the EXIT on the road ahead and receive the power of God. Your decision to move forward will create a newness in you! The breakthrough you're looking for will happen and you will be overjoyed! The bible tells us that with Christ all things are possible and that statement is 100% true. So take some time and ask God to help you EXIT your financial trouble, depression, or anxiety and enter into the peace only he can give you. God bless!


Have you been able to EXIT your last season and enter into the new one God has placed you in?

In what ways can it be difficult to just let go of the past?

How can the gospel help you with moving forward towards God and his promise for your life?

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