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How many of you like receiving gifts? It's nice to know someone has thought of you enough to give you something, whether it's tangible or not. Now- how many of you like to give a GIFT? What if you were down to your last few dollars and God said to use the rest of what you had to give as a GIFT to someone else? It can be incredibly difficult, but when you give you allow the mission of Christ to continue to grow through you. We as people were gifted with the gospel- the word of God. It tells us how to live our lives here on earth and ways we can be close with our creator. And it's so cool because everything connects from the beginning to the very end. Scriptures tell us the story of Jesus and how the magi came to him, giving him gifts honoring his kingship. They eagerly awaited the arrival of the Messiah and for him to GIFT his grace and mercy to all who place their faith in him. Are you eagerly waiting to see God move in your life? If so, are you willing to act immediately when you recognize it? Jesus wants to GIFT you freedom from the troubles of everyday life. You can use the holiday season to shift your focus on God and the true reason we as Christians celebrate. Use this time to GIFT someone the gospel. Give what you can and ask Christ to multiply it for his glory and earnestly wait to see him move in a mighty way because he will! Merry Christmas and be blessed!


How can God use you to GIFT others?

Can you think of a time where God took your GIFT and used it to bless someone else?

What GIFT(s) has God given you recently that you've noticed in your life? How have you used it to honor God?

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