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God Is Your GIFT

As the famous saying goes- "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" The holidays are in full swing! The radio has begun playing Christmas music, holiday commercials are on every station, and cheerful movies are being aired. Though this year has proven to be difficult, happiness seems to make its presence known through the holidays. With all of this comes GIFTS! If you're like me, you may struggle to give the perfect GIFT to someone you care about. But, ultimately, it's the thought that counts. God had us in mind when he gave the priceless GIFT of his son Jesus to be sacrificed for our sins. There was no greater GIFT than what God gave to us. He provides us with a never-ending GIFT that we can reference throughout our lives: the gospel. Through grace, God gives us eternal life for saying an easy prayer asking him to come into our hearts and show us how he wants us to live. When you commit your ways to God, he will gift you with confidence, joy, and peace. Most people search the world to find happiness, but it is through Christ alone that we can achieve it. And the beauty of it is... God is longing to give us true happiness! The Bible talks about how God did not come to condemn the world, but to save the world. God wants to save you so that you may experience everlasting love. So as we approach Christmas, rememberer the GIFT God gave to you. Remember that all who call on the name of Jesus can receive the GIFT of abundant life. I pray you stay safe and may God show you that you are truly loved this holiday season!


In what ways has God gifted you in your life?

How can you use the holiday season to share the gospel?

What GIFT can you give to encourage someone in their faith?

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