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🌎 Gospel BEGINS in Genesis!!!

“In six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth.” Exodus 20:11

Hi friends! OK so you all know by now that I’m just a LITTLE passionate about what we call “young earth creationism” but hear me out for a sec. The reason I am is that the GOSPEL begins in Genesis. In fact, origin theories with millions of years actually started with PAGAN Greek culture that said the universe was eternal. I tell you more about this in my new video “Evolutionary Misinformation” linked below 👇👇👇 Nonetheless, this is why the topic is SO important …

Evolution (in particular) sees a completely DIFFERENT narrative than the one we read about in the Bible. Evolution sees death before the fall. Evolution sees suffering, pain and chaos in the world AS GOD CREATED IT. Evolution sees mankind as a glorified animal and even CLASSIFIES him as such biologically. That’s why I am a creationist AND why I believe God created the earth in six LITERAL days. I speak at length about the scientific PROOF for the Biblical flood that buried our ancestors along with the dinosaurs. Yet, that same Bible ALSO tells us that God created the world GOOD and that death came into the world through SIN. Then because of that sin, we needed a redeemer Jesus to save us.

And this is the point: Old age theories of our origins are actually ANTI-Gospel because the story of our redemption BEGINS in Genesis. You can make an argument for anything but as far as I’m concerned, God made everything in SIX LITERAL DAYS until proven otherwise 😎


Have you ever considered the contradictions between evolution and the Bible?

Could you be open to God creating the universe in six literal days?

How is Genesis connected to the Gospel?

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