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🧐 How Should You ENGAGE Culture??

“Go DISCIPLE the nations!” Matthew 28:19

Well, hello there friends and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Yes, our celebration of Jesus’ incarnation is fast approaching and this holiday in particular demonstrates something significant to us in light what I shared with you last week, that being …. what impact (if any) should Christians have on the world around them?

I mean, let’s be honest, I took some major shots publicly a couple of weeks ago because of my desire to engage the world around me, and, whether you agree with my statement or not, I want you to consider something …. Jesus’ incarnation went off like an atomic bomb in our world two thousand years ago. Consequently, today a third of the globe identify themselves with his name! And WHY is that??

Well, I think it has A LOT to do with his role right now as the King of Kings and the mission he gave us: to “DISCIPLE THE NATIONS” 🧐

In fact, if you study the original language, this is actually how his command reads. He doesn’t say passively to “make disciples out of the nations” … because of his current reign he says to “GO DISCIPLE THE NATIONS!” So, in light of the King’s birth, let’s take a triumphant attitude towards the world around us and realize that our role is to not only ENGAGE but to CHANGE the world around us, SHAPING IT into God’s image. As his bride, the church has this responsibility and YOU CAN CHANGE CULTURE for Christ!! 😎


Have you ever considered engaging the world around you?

How are todays’ Christians, churches and leaders sometimes sinfully passive in their approach to the Great Commission?

Watch some of my latest videos available on ALL SOCIAL PLATFORMS 👇 and ask God to show you one small thing you can do to change your world today!

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