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😈 Is “Secular” Actually PAGAN??

“And when [the evil spirit] comes, it finds the house empty ... Then it goes and brings with it seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they enter and dwell there, and the last state of that person is worse than the first.” Matthew 12:44-45


Okaaaaay friends … I can already hear the push back. “Pastor AJ, you’re being too superstitious!” 🤔 Believe me, I haven’t been one historically to emphasize the supernatural elements of our faith. Yet. Lately, I can get these words of Jesus out of my mind ….


That’s because it seems like the formerly Christian West is returning to its pagan roots. You heard me right: PAGAN 😱


Don’t believe me? Just watch my new video “Is Europe Turning Pagan?” linked below.


How on earth is this possible?? Aren’t we living in the Age of Enlightenment? Hasn’t “science” put an end to ancient myths? Well … not really. Actually, Christianity did that centuries ago ONLY to have many in recent times turn to “secularism” as a supposedly unbiased worldview that’s finds our origins in evolution.


In our time, people even think America was founded on this sort of neutral stance in regard to religion. Well, that’s not really true either. You see, for our founders Christianity was assumed. That’s why the date of the US Constitution says, “In the year of our Lord.”


So, getting back to the question at hand, “How is a supposedly enlightened civilization turning back to its pre-Christian roots? It’s happening because our culture has cast out Christianity. But when it comes to Jesus, there is no neutrality. When we reject Christ, we only open the door for more demons to move in. What may be coming in the West isa time of demonic possession on a scale not yet seen. This is exactly WHY true Christ followers need to be stronger now than ever!  Our country, our communities and our world need you! 💪



Do you feel there are supernatural forces at work in our world?


What role do you think secularism and science have played in the current state of affairs in the West?


Watch my new video “Is Europe Turning Pagan?” linked below and pray about one way you can be more declaredly pro-Jesus in your social circles!  



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