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Is This The End Times? Dating Revelation

"The End Times" can be a difficult topic of discussion. There have been many instances where people said they received word directly from God when the world was going to end. And every single time, those people were wrong! What we have to understand is that the world isn't ending, it's going to be made new! That's a beautiful reality that should be celebrated. More importantly, we should live our lives with a cheerful heart knowing that Jesus has the world under control. He is the king of kings and his rule is active over everything. The pain and sadness that we see each day doesn't have to define our culture. When we gain the knowledge of who God is, then we can have the fearless faith that there's nothing that can defeat us. I encourage you to read the words of Jesus because they are real and they can speak to you no matter your background or circumstances. We cannot even begin to imagine the plans that God has for us! He loves us unconditionally and you can be secure in his love. We were created in his image and to joyfully worship him. So be encouraged and live life to the fullest in Christ Jesus! Love ya in Jesus!

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