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Is This The End Times? The Millennium

I've started a new series this summer talking about "Is This The End Times?". If you're unfamiliar with the bible and what it talks about regarding this subject, then it can seem confusing and maybe even a little scary. You see, culture likes to dwell on the negative that's happening in the world and that sort of output can effect the way we view the world itself. But I'm here to tell you that you actually don't have anything to fear! When Jesus came and died on the cross, he bore the weight of sin for all mankind. His resurrection from death cemented his kingdom and he is currently active in his reign over the nations! Seated at the right hand of God, he's using his people to make noise for his glory! You have the real and true power to say no to the evil that tries to creep into your life because Jesus was and is victorious over all things. When we're able to understand what God says and what he's done, peace and joy come in greater abundance. I want you to know that you have won in Jesus. Take the time to read the bible even if it's just a little bit each and every day. Don't let terminology or certain viewpoints deter you from receiving and advancing your faith. As long as you have Jesus Christ at the center of it all, then you won't have to worry about anything else. Be blessed and love ya in Jesus!

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