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🤔 Jesus’ Resurrection Means  …… EVERYTHING 🔥🔥🔥


“Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has RISEN!” Luke 24:5-6


Happy, happy, HAPPY Resurrection Sunday friends!! He is RISEN!! If you haven’t heard the story yet, spoiler alert, Jesus rose form the grave and this is H-U-G-E!!! 🤯


I’m not sure if you’ve ever thought this through, but without the RESURRECTION, everything else means NOTHING 😱


IN FACT, the centrality of the resurrection was my exact topic of conversation with filmmaker TIM MAHONEY last week when we discussed the RELIABILITY of the Bible (video linked 👇👇👇), so if you haven’t already watched it, do so TODAY for some BIG TIME encouragement!!


Yes! Jesus performed miracles and literally blew people away with his teachings, BUT his resurrection was the VERIFICATION of all his claims to divinity, his prophecies and MOST importantly his sacrificial DEATH on the cross for our sins.


Friends, WITHOUT the resurrection, our faith ain’t worth NOTHIN’!!! Howeverrrrrr ……


It’s REAL 🙌 and that’s HOW we know the Gospel is true! That’s also why the Gospel of God’s salvation is SO great! It’s because Jesus’ resurrection means that WE will also be raised THROUGH FAITH in him!! This is exactly why I and SOOOOOOOOO many others call ourselves Christians! It’s because LIFE with Jesus gives us HOPE that we know will be fulfilled. We KNOW that because he was raised, because we will be raised AND because the whole world will one day be made perfect 👏


If you are a Christian, CELEBRATE today along with me God’s INCREDIBLE resurrection power and if you’re not ….. well, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? Today’s a great day to start! Express FAITH in Jesus and he will ROCK your world with his resurrection power!!



What does Jesus’ resurrection mean to you?


Who can you share God’s great Gospel (good news of Jesus’ resurrection) with today?


If you’re looking for proof that the Bible is true, WATCH my interview with TIM MAHONEY linked below and prayerfully consider embracing the HOPE of your own resurrection!!



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