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Keep Your Story Simple!

When I was a teenager, I read the bible for the first time under somewhat negative circumstances. It was a completely life changing moment for me and as I dug deeper into Gods word, I started to see my life in a different way. There were certainly times when I questioned the authenticity of faith and who Jesus really was. But as time went on, God revealed himself to me in too many ways to deny that everything was true! I chose to further my education and here I am in the midst of a church plant as a pastor of people who desire to know Jesus! There isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be. In John chapter 9, we see the blind man whom Jesus healed. He said, “I once was blind and now I see.” The simplicity of these words hold so much power- it’s honestly unbelievable. We don’t have to have all of the answers in life. Jesus will make a difference in your life and that’s all you need to know because that’s what’s most important. Your testimony is so crucial to the commission God gave before he rose to heaven. He said “go tell the nations.” There couldn’t be a more direct way of telling us to go tell our story. By us sharing, we’re growing the body of Christ which is what we were created to do. Coming to God and understanding that he truly is real just brings you peace and purpose to your life. You can be sure that he will lighten your burdens and guide you through life’s most difficult times. He saves people that need saving. We all need to be rescued because it’s too hard to manage everything on our own. I encourage you to just talk to God. It doesn’t have to be some elaborate speech, but a brief moment of your time to acknowledge Jesus’ presence in your life. Ask him for more understanding of who he is and the change will occur. Always be willing to share your story; it's an important one to tell! Be blessed and love ya in Jesus!


How can you keep your story simple but still have a big impact?

What are some ways the complexities of life effect your story?

Why is sharing the story of Jesus directly important to your story?

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