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Resurrection Spells GO!! 🔥🔥🔥

“GO, therefore, and disciple the nations!” Matthew 28:19

Hello friends! In light of Resurrection Sunday last week I thought I’d give you a little spelling test AS WELL AS encourage you to CHECK OUT a couple of my YouTube Shorts linked below. The short videos will give you EVIDENCE for Jesus’ resurrection as well as explain WHY I call Easter Resurrection Sunday and you should too! Now to the spelling side of things. Do you know how to spell Resurrection? STOP before you answer. It’s not what you think. In fact, RESURRECTION can be spelled with only two letters. It’s an abbreviation of sorts. These two letters literally SPELL OUT the implications AND purpose of Jesus’ greatest feat. In addition, these two letters were the FIRST WORD of his most well know instruction to the church AFTER he rose from the dead. Therefore, these two letters, this ONE WORD tells us ALL we need to know about what’s next for us after we have experienced the risen Christ. Are you ready? Well here we “GO”! Oops, I gave it away! Well anyway, that’s the word. It’s the tiny command with SO MUCH power. It’s Jesus’ command to his disciples and it’s our command too. Resurrection spells GO! Now go and tell the nations about your AMAZING Savior and ALL that he has done for you!


Did you ever realize Jesus told us to disciple the nations? How can you carry out this HUGE calling?

What do you think is the impact of Jesus’ resurrection on world history? What does it mean to you?

Watch my short videos linked below and explain to a friend why we KNOW Jesus rose from the dead!

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