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SAIL Your Ship

Have you ever been sailing on a cruise? What about fishing on the open water? If you're like me, you think about all of the negative things that can happen while at sea. We do the same things in our daily lives. We become afraid, or complacent, to set SAIL towards whatever it is we seek after. Maybe it's a new relationship or growing our spiritual walk by attending church every week. We make excuses as to why we'd rather stay on the shore. But we need to be like Paul and SAIL knowing that Jesus is in control of everything surrounding us! As we continue in the Scriptures, Paul is addressing the people, and he's telling them that he has been through every kind of abuse possible! Prison, beatings, shipwrecks, hunger, and lack of sleep have all befriended him throughout his journey for God. He still boasts about Christ!!! Paul goes on to say that he his made strong through his weaknesses because Gods power is made complete in weakness. How many of us are too weak to SAIL? Emotional, financial, and spiritual weakness are all real, and unfortunately none of us are able to escape these outcomes. But God has the strength to relieve us of our view of weakness to the point where we can boast, just like Paul, about how we can see Christ receive his glory through our suffering! Even when we are hurting, we are in the loving security of Jesus and that cannot ever be taken away! Take time today to answer the call of the living God! He is calling you to SAIL towards him and no matter what hardships you encounter, you will be made new in Jesus. You will have victory every single time even when you feel defeated. Be blessed and love ya in Christ!


How can you find a way to boast about your weakness?

What do you think about Paul's ability to remain sailing through all of his turmoil?

Jesus has called you to be more and do more. In what ways are you listening to His voice? What steps are you taking towards venturing out to meet Him?

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