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SINK Your Ship: Part 2

Have you ever expected bad things to happen when you're doing something with good intentions? Most people are hoping for a good outcome because they're doing good. In the Bible, as we continue with his quest, Paul only has one thing on his mind: to do good for the name of Christ. But what he encounters is a ship that begins to SINK. Not only is he experiencing an emotional sinking, but also a literal sinking. Every one of us has a ship that is sinking or has already sunk and is under water. It could be stress, anger, frustration, or simply not feeling good enough. This is where Jesus comes in! God Himself went through the most extreme, agonizing pain and heartache that could ever be humanly dealt with- just for you! And he did it with the intentions of saving you for all of eternity! We have to be like Paul and experience our struggles with the mindset of success. God's kingdom is upside down; when we SINK we actually rise. God's power will turn your negatives into everlasting positives. He desperately wants to show you what he has to offer. Today is the day to turn your sinking into salvation! Talk to God and ask him to move radically- to a point where you cannot deny his presence. He will and you will see change like never before. Be blessed and love ya in Christ Jesus!


Do you do good deeds, but bad things still happen to you? How can you see the good God has for you in the midst of all the negatives?

What can you do to redirect your intentions to reflect Gods will for your life?

What similarities do you see in Paul's journey and your own life?

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