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The Bible Is EPIC!

How has your journey been going? Have you had any recent moments that have made you wonder- "how did that just happen!?"... Sometimes the simple pleasures like waking up everyday or having a roof over our heads can easily be taken for granted... Instead, we need to look at these events in life as extraordinary gits that God has given us - even when things may not be going our way! In Acts 5:41-42, we see the apostles showing bold faith of epic proportions! They were rejoicing because of their suffering. How cool is it that they continued to press on even though they were encountering some seriously negative consequences? That’s what Jesus wants for you today. He wants you to consider your suffering as joy because you’ve been seen as worthy! There is nothing that can cause you to break because you have the strength of God within you. We have to fully understand the magnitude of our faith in this life! It’s easy to get wrapped up In the doom and gloom of everyday, but when you reposition your attention to God, the joy will overflow from within you. Not only will it be uncontainable, but you’re going to be set on fire for Jesus so that no matter how many times life knocks you down, you will come back even stronger than before. Take the time to seek after it because I promise you, it Is worth every second that you give. Be blessed and love ya in Jesus!


When was the last time you found joy in your suffering?

What can you do positively the next time you experience a trial/suffering?

How much time are you devoting to strengthening your relationship with Jesus?

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