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The Gospel Is Your PURPOSE! 🔥🤯👏

“The wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23

Friends have I got some GOOD NEWS for you today! It’s the good news of the GOSPEL and I tell you all about it in my new video “Why Do We Exist? … and What Is Gospel Ministries?” linked below. To take things one step further, I’m making the point right now that the Gospel is your PURPOSE!! Follow me now because there’s no other way to see this. That’s why “Gospel” actually means “good news” in its original language. For the ancient audience, the message of King Jesus’ coming to pay for our sins and the promise of new life in him was an ANNOUNCEMENT the whole world needed to hear and, thus, the term … “Gospel.” If there’s one thing life can communicate it’s that we’re not worthy. And believe me when I tell you EVERYONE is unworthy of something. Yet the message of the Gospel is that God welcomes UNWORTHY sinners into his presence FOREVER through believing in the work of his Son. That’s it. Incredible, right!? Yet it’s the truth. And this is WHY God created you. He didn’t create you to be oppressed, compressed or distressed. No. He created you to be BLESSED! I know, I know. Hard to believe. But it’s SO true! Believe in Jesus today and put your trust in him for your salvation. He will give you his life in return. It’s your PURPOSE!


Have you experienced new life in Jesus? What does your relationship with God mean to you?

How would you explain the Gospel to a friend or acquaintance?

Watch my new video “Why Do We Exist? … and What Is Gospel Ministries?” linked below and look for an opportunity today to tell someone the GOOD NEWS of Jesus!

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