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🤯 They TOOK OVER the World 🌎


“They conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.” Revelation 12:11


OK friends, I want you to think about something today … I want you to get in the mind of the early Christians for a minute. You know, those SAVAGE SAINTS living in the days of the Roman Empire – the ones to whom our opening verse was written. Did, you know they faced HORRIFIC persecution and even died for Jesus?? 😮 I’m sure did.


Well, here’s the crazy part and the reason for my writing you today: They WON. Yes. Those persecuted people (our spiritual ancestors) actually TOOK OVER THE WORLD for Christ!! You know the story. After nearly three centuries of INTENSE persecution, the most powerful nation in history to that point, bowed the knee to King Jesus when Christianity was legalized (and eventually NORMALIZED) in the Roman world.


OK now HOLD ON to your seats because things are about to get even more crazy. Jesus actually TOLD his disciples to do this 🤯 🤯 🤯


YES HE DID. It’s called the Great Commission and we all know the words, but today I want you to see them in a new light. If you remember, Jesus TOLD his followers to “go, DISCIPLE THE NATIONS” (literally in the Greek).


Well … what happens when you disciple the nations? They start following Jesus and MULTIPLY to the point that they TAKE THINGS OVER. When people start following Jesus, they take over families, school boards, communities, businesses, market places, the media, and even NATIONS for their King of Kings.


That’s just food for thought friends while you seek to serve Christ in your world and TAKE THINGS OVER for him!



Did you know how badly early Christians were persecuted?


Why do you think they eventually took over their world? What strategies can we learn from them?


Watch my recent interview at Youngstown Studios (linked below) and consider if you would be willing to die for Jesus today!



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