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🤯 What Happened AFTER the Apostles Were Killed??

“I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock.” Acts 20:29


Hello fellow Christ followers! OK, look, I know I’m going a little “old school” today but I promise this is something you NEED to hear … it’s the testimony of the early Christians … you know, the SECOND generation. They’re the ones we don’t talk about that much. Well, their testimony is INCREDIBLE! 🤯


Paul famously said they would be persecuted and Jesus even prayed for them (and us) in John 17:20 🙏 So …. what happened to them??


Well, the short answer is: They were all KILLED just like Jesus and the Apostles 😬 


You may never have heard of Ignatius, Clement or COUNTLESS others of this and succeeding generations who were murdered for their association with Jesus but this was actually the NORM for early Christ followers. Check out this ancient testimony of John’s disciple Polycarp:


“The proconsul then said to him, ‘I have wild beasts at hand; to these will I cast you, unless you repent.’ But [Polycarp] answered, ‘Call them then … you threaten me with fire which burns for an hour, and after a little is extinguished, but are ignorant of the fire of the coming judgment and of eternal punishment, reserved for the ungodly. But why do you tarry? Bring forth what you will.’” (Martyrdom of Polycarp 11:1-2)


Friends, I’m going to suggest that this is a whole different version of Christianity than we experience today. These people were spiritually SAVAGE and we would do well to follow their example while the world is seemingly turning to paganism and darkness once again. If we do, we will transform the world for Christ just like they did. That’s a FACT.


Mic drop 😎



Does the testimony of the early Christians surprise you? How?


What role does suffering play in the Christian experience?


What step(s) can you take today to begin following Christ like they did?

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