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You Are God's Gift WRAP

Wrapping gifts during the holidays is one of the oldest traditions known to date. The excitement we felt as children when unwrapping whatever was inside of that mysterious package was incredible! But what some children may not know is the time it takes to wrap gifts. It's a process and the more gifts there are, the longer it'll take. What I want you to know is that you are Gods gift WRAP! You have been given a gift, or many gifts, and those gifts live inside of you! He wrapped you in his love, mercy and grace so that you can experience the fullness of Gods love. If Gods ultimate gift, Jesus, came in a manger wrapped in clothes, then what do you think your gift could look like? A gift from God may not always look like what we expect it to, but that doesn't mean it's not there. Sometimes it comes in a way that may initially bring us pain. A perfect example is the act of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. So when we accept the gifts that God has to offer, we have to be willing to accept that all things work together for his good even if we may not feel good when receiving them. Understand that you are wrapped with powerful gifts on the inside that will bring God all of the glory. During this holiday season, remember the reason for the season as you celebrate with your loved ones. As God starts to unwrap you, ask him to help you embrace what you have been given. Be blessed and happy holidays!


What are you doing with the gift(s) God has given you in your life?

How can your gift(s) benefit the body of Christ?

How can you share the gift of Jesus with others during this time?

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