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Don't Get Pushed Over!

Did you know that Jesus equipped you with the power to stand up for him? When I look at everything going on around us and in the media, there's so many negative stories that take over every outlet. I bet for every obstructive story, there's over 100 good ones of people who are doing things right and living lives of integrity and encouragement. We are supposed to listen to what God says about us, not the world. He clearly tells us that we are conquerors through Jesus. We are victors and will never be beaten! I want to encourage you to say no to being pushed over by people who want to bring you down. You don't have to listen to any of it because you're worth so much more! The mark of a Christian is to show love towards all people no matter the kind of life they live. There's strength in the love Jesus gives because he himself was strong enough to take on the troubles of the world. He was gracious enough to show us this love by not only loving everyone he encountered, but dying for our sins! If we can collectively give every effort in showing even a little bit of the love that Jesus showed us, I believe we can create a beautiful change that will have lasting effects on the people we give it to. When we make the decision to be kind despite our differences, then we can personally experience change in our hearts. Our attitudes and outlooks will shift to Christ and bring peace beyond understanding. I implore you to seek the love and strength of God and the ability to spread it around. Be blessed and love ya in Jesus!

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