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Is This The End Times? The Rapture

As we continue our series on the end times, I want you to think about a few things. It is important to understand what the Bible says in regards to today's events. We don't know that day or hour of Jesus' return, but we do know what is to take place beforehand. Also, as we approach our daily lives, we should be encouraged to live and not be fearful of what others may think about our faith! We will have God with us in the future and he is with us right now! It doesn't matter when these events will happen because the time is now to speak about what it means to follow Jesus. There's no benefit in waiting- especially because you are fully capable of sharing the good news! So, I encourage you to root yourself in the truth that is Christ and put your life on display for people to know that you can be broken and be forgiven. When you're able to embrace that truth, then the seeds you plant will be in place for God to create growth. Be bless and love ya in Jesus!

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