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Is This The End Times? This Generation

People often see times of tribulation as the opportunity to run away. But- what if it were the opposite and God was calling us to plug in even more? It's easy to look at the world and shake our heads at the madness. I'm here to encourage you to move forward towards the world the Lord made. I'm not saying that we should take part of the actions of others, but to show love and encourage one another. Being able to display the character of Jesus has the potential to create the positive change that we all are longing to see. Our world isn't meant to last forever even though sometimes it feels like it will. Certain events can remind us how quickly things can change and that's why it's important to reach out to those around you. Ask God to give you the courage and opportunity to impact someone for his kingdom. Be fearless in your approach and I can promise you that you'll feel better knowing that you're making an effort to advance God's presence in the world. Be blessed and bold in Christ! Love ya!

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