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SENT Yourself

When is the last time you sent something in the mail? Maybe it was a package to a friend or a letter to a loved one. It could have even been some form of electronics to get repaired from some wear and tear. Whatever it is, I'm sure there was some form of preparation that went into sending it out through the mail. Let's translate this analogy to the times when the Scriptures were written. Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, walked on the same earth you and I live on today and he did so many things during his brief 33 years. From performing miracles to preaching the good news, God himself prepared us for his will; he SENT us even before we were created to fulfill his good work. In Matthew chapter 28, we see Christ commanding his people to go disciple the nations! He SENT them out into the world and he has done the same with you and me today! If you're like me, you may experience some struggles when dealing with every day struggles this world throws at you, but we can find assurance and peace knowing the Holy Spirit has prepared us to be SENT just as you prepare whatever it is you've sent in the past or may send in the future. You see- Jesus has enlisted you to be a conqueror in a world that seems hopeless at times. You will find what it is you've been called to do when you seek Jesus. His voice cannot be denied and the void you have in your life will be filled with unimaginable joys that will only take you further into the kingdom of God. Take some time this week to ask God to reveal himself and his will to you. Ask him to open your eyes and your heart to his Holy Spirit. Be aware and watch the changes that begin to take place. Have no fear of being SENT because you've already been delivered through Christ. God bless and love ya in Jesus!


How can you find new ways to connect with God?

Have you taken any opportunities recently to share the Gospel with someone? If not, why?

How can your faith in Jesus help you overcome hardships of being SENT into the world?

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