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SINK Your Ship

"Rose!" "Rose!" "Jack!" If you've seen the film "Titanic", then you are familiar with these quotes from the movie regarding the terrifying moments when the ship begins to SINK. How many of us have felt like we're in a position where we can't stay afloat? As we wrap up our series "Wreckurrected", Paul has gone from Corinth to continue his mission of preaching the Gospel. He's had to reroute due to people plotting against his life. It seems like he will always encounter a moment where he will SINK even though he's doing the right thing. All of this has lead Paul to sail with the other prisoners on this ship. The boat was about to SINK and the soldiers wanted to kill everyone onboard, but the centurion wanted to spare his life. God intervened to spare Paul and He wants to intervene to save you today! We have to SINK our ship to secure God's salvation! We have to embrace being down in the world so that Jesus can lift us up! Christ himself died to bring me and you salvation and our sinking moments in life are meant for us to receive the love and power of God so that we can embrace those who have faced similar circumstances. Every single situation has a purpose in our lives and the almighty God will help you understand what it is! So SINK knowing that you will be rescued and feel the joy that is to be had in suffering! Be blessed!


What causes you to SINK in your life?

God is positioning you to help someone who has endured their own wreck. How can you use your hardships to help others who are hurting?

What practices have you developed to ensure that you are moving forward in your relationship with Jesus?

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