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Will You Collide with Baby Jesus?? 🤯

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Luke 1:38

Merry, merry, merry Christmas friends! Today is the eve of the day we CELEBRATE the coming of the promised Savior of the world – JESUS!! I am continually amazed how INCREDIBLE it is what the Lord has done and so have a great many people … well, I guess the reactions are DIVERSE and I break it all down for you in my new video “Christmas Collisions” at This isn’t talked about much at Christmas because we celebrate the BABY version of our God. Yet the cute and cuddly baby Jesus was AT LEAST as divisive as the grown man. You read that correctly! In fact, just the idea of Jesus caused great ALARM for the power hungry puppet King Herod. That same Jesus first caused FRIGHT and then EXCITEMENT in the meager shepherds tending their flocks. Then finally, there’s the INCREDIBLE response of Mary who accepted her high calling, treasuring everything she saw and experienced in her heart. All these things happened, not because of what the baby did but for what the MAN would one day DO. The reactions today are no different. And it’s because of WHO the child is. He is the one who walked in our shoes. He is the one who came to seek and to save. And he is the one who’s very existence calls us into account for our sins. How will you respond to the one we worship, God with us, this holiday season?


Which of the three responses mentioned here (Herod, the shepherds or Mary) do you relate with most and why?

How is it possible that a baby was so divisive in the ancient world? What kinds of responses we see to the baby Jesus today?

Watch my new video “Christmas Collisions” at and explain what does the baby Jesus mean to you and why!

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