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Bible Stories HAPPENED! 😎

“Our ancestors were all under the cloud and that they all passed through the sea … These things happened.” 1 Corinthians 10:1,11

Alright friends … today I am literally LIVID! I mean, why is it that SO many “Christians” don’t believe the events of the Bible are true HISTORICAL events?? I discuss the importance of this topic at length with my cohost Ryan and special guest Logan Kiesewetter in my new video “These Things Happened: Paleo Hebrew … What’s on Logan’s Hat?” at So what’s the deal? As I’ve shown you through my recent trip to the Middle East and through presenting the OVERWHELMING evidence for a literal seven-day creation account just a few thousand years ago, Genesis and Exodus are both TRUE and HISTORICAL narratives. In regard to creation, we can clearly see that the world’s geology is made up of sedimentary rock and FILLED with fossils that were produced by rapid burial in water. Many of these “fossils” (including dinosaurs) contain soft tissue. Along with HUGE gaps in the supposed fossil record and a complete absence of transitionary forms (like ape-men), these straightforward facts make millions of years (and , thus, evolution) IMPOSSIBLE. In addition, the events of the Exodus can CLEARLY be seen through many of the locations like Nuweiba Beach in Egypt (the site of the Red Sea crossing) and Jebal Maqla (Mount Sinai) in Saudi Arabia. I showcased these and other Biblical proofs during my recent trip to the Middle East. The FACT is, these accounts are TRUE and so is the Gospel (PERIOD).


What are the implications of a LITERAL and HISTORICAL understanding of the Bible?

Why do you think more people, schools, governments and sometimes Christians don’t understand Genesis and Exodus as literal?

Watch my new video “These Things Happened: Paleo Hebrew … What’s on Logan’s Hat?” at and explain one way we can help change our culture for Christ!

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