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Bring Your BULB

Well- Christmas has officially come and gone. There may be some late celebrations, but for most of us there aren't anymore trees up or presents being given out. It's always a bitter sweet transition from the holiday season, but it's definitely joyful during those special moments. A special moment I want to briefly discuss is the scene of Jesus' birth. This moment in time was unexpected in many ways. From the word Mary received that she would be giving birth all the way to the lack of available space to deliver baby Jesus. Can you imagine what Mary and Joseph were thinking during these moments? I'd like to think they were totally caught off guard not expecting anything that was coming their way. But there seemed to be one constant throughout their journey- they were fully trusting in God to safely bring them through it all! And that's the power of God! When you realize that giving your life to Jesus and trusting in him will supply you with the love and peace you need, things start to become more tolerable. Life gets better. The way you view others becomes different. Everything about you and your life changes and God begins to direct your steps. It's not always easy, but you now understand that you are able to make it through whatever has troubled you. You will express your spiritual gifts in ways you couldn't imagine before and your level of joy increases. All of this happens because Jesus impacts your heart! I encourage you to bring your baggage to Jesus today and ask him to remove it. Ask him to change your mindset to what he wants. You will be unequivocally different than from the moment before you asked. You can fully expect the power of God to take over your life and provide you amazing opportunities to be fully known and fully loved! Take advantage of today! Be blessed and love ya in Jesus.


What changes are you looking for God to make in your life?

How can you display the changes God has already made?

Can you think of ways to continue spreading the Good news of Jesus after this holiday season?

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