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🤔 Could You DIE for Jesus??

“Will you lay down your life for me?” John 13:38


OK friends! I know I came out swinging today but this is REALLY the question … would you DIE for Jesus? In fact, I answer this very question for myself in my NEW VIDEO linked below 👇👇👇


It all took place in my recent interview at YOUNGSTOWN STUDIOS in which I discuss my heart for engaging culture AND the recent controversy surrounding my words in a community group about a DRAG QUEEN CHRISTMAS SHOW … you don’t want to miss this!


This all got me thinking about something. It’s the incredible devotion with which the early church lived their Christian lives. Did you know it was their EXPECTATION to be willing to give their lives for their faith!? 🤯


In fact, many of them did this very thing and it’s WHY we have the faith we have today! Crazy, right?! There was actually an ancient saying that, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.” Well, here’s your turn to answer: Would you DIE for Jesus? I mean, in theory, there’s no reason Jesus would ask any less of us, right? I know this is SUCH a hard thing to talk about but don’t forget that it’s OK to give your life for Jesus because he ALONE can give you the power to take it up again!


So, in a world where ungodliness is on the rise, make sure to hold NOTHING back from God including your own life. If the church will life with this kind of zeal and devotion, our communities and the world will be TRANSFORMED for Christ in no time!



What do you think of Jesus’ question to Peter in John 13:38 above?


How did the sacrifices of the early church set an example for Christians today?


Watch my NEW VIDEO linked below then answer this same question for yourself!  


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