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Do You Understand the Bible? 🤔

“Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.” James 3:1

Hello friends and HOLY COW! The Bible (AKA the WORD OF GOD) is no joke and MUST be taken seriously. So why is it that so often church leaders go off-the-rails and do UNBIBLICAL things? No, I’m not talking about whether we sprinkle or dunk the newly converted. I’m not talking about your personal practices in regard to the gifts of the Spirit either. No. I’m talking about the view of MANY mainstream Christian leaders in regard to THE BIBLE and I tell you all about it in my new video “Andy Stanley: Off-the-Rails?” at pastor You don’t want to miss this because this PROBLEM about not taking God’s Word seriously and, thus, affirming some of the most WICKED elements of our culture is RAMPANT in the church right now. This problem is even PROMINENT among some influential Evangelical leaders as seen in Andy Stanley – son of Charles Stanley and wildly successful megachurch pastor. Yes, he recently made some statements in which he AFFIRMED the LGBT community and PUT DOWN his own people. HOWEVER, his wrong views actually go much deeper with his views on Old Testament Scripture and its status as a necessary and truthful document. In doing so, he has essentially pushed God’s Divine Revelation and its stories into the same category as other ancient MYTHS! Yet he and others should be VERY careful before they fall through the thin ice. In reality, God’s Word is COMPLETELY and TOTALLY true (in every sense) and we need watch ourselves, as well as, hold others accountable so that we don’t share their guilt on judgement Day!


Do you take God at his Word? Explain.

Do you have any objections to understanding Old Testament stories as literal historical events?

Watch my new video “Andy Stanley: Off-the-Rails?” at and take a moment to pray that God will help our leaders and churches stay committed to the Bible as God’s COMPLETE and TOTAL truth!

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