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Look Up When You LAND

Have you ever been on an airplane and experienced turbulence during your flight? It's a feeling that can cause major stress on the body. The thought of potentially crash landing is frightening! We always hope to have a safe and easy flight so we can make it from point A to point B and enjoy our trip, wherever that destination may be! In 1 Corinthians, we see Paul heading to his destination as he lands in Corinth where he tries to tell people about the good news of Jesus. He is met with people who want absolutely nothing to do with what he has to say. They severely beat him, leaving him bruised and bloody, and to put the cherry on top- they throw him in jail before they kick him out of their territory! Can you imagine having that type of crash landing today? How hard would it be to look up after experiencing such a rough time? Maybe your crash landing has been divorce, addictions, or mental health issues due to the COVID pandemic. Whatever it is, God wants you to look up when you LAND because he is able to turn any negative situation into one that not only brings him glory, but also gives you joy! Just like Paul, you have the ability to make it through the storm. Jesus wants to give you a smooth landing as you arrive at your destination. That destination in Jesus is salvation, peace, love, and so much more! No one is immune to what the world throws at us on an every day basis, but this life isn't the destination! The Almighty God and his everlasting love is the destination and Jesus wants to get you there! Today is the day to begin your journey towards Christ. Begin to take steps forward and really seek after God and no matter how bumpy the ride gets, you can be 100% certain that when you LAND you will be made complete! Be blessed and love ya in Jesus!


What type of crash landing have you had in your life? 

How has the Gospel helped you look up after such a rough landing?

Are you moving toward your destination (God) on autopilot or do you have purpose as you're going? How can you increase your intentions?

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