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Merry Christmas!

Can you think of a time when you received something meaningful? Maybe it was some advice from your parents or a stranger paying for your coffee in the drive thru. Whatever it was, think of the feeling of appreciation it gave you. In the Bible, we read about Mary who received something that impacted her life in a dramatic way. She received word that she would be giving birth to Jesus so that he could be sacrificed to save humanity from their sin. Mary played a pivotal role in the Christmas story because she had faith in all of the small things in her life. She showed that she was willing to please God no matter how big or small and that's one of the reasons why she was chosen to be his mother here on earth. God wants to give you so much, not just during the holidays but throughout your entire life. He wants to gift you even though we don't deserve it. None of us deserve the love God wants to give us, but he's willing to bless us. We have to let go of everything holding us back from receiving that love because when we do so, we release the blessing in our lives. That's why we have to constantly strive to move forward; whether it's in our marriage, job, or walk with God. When we let go, we let God do the good work that will ultimately give us everything we could ever ask for. Continue in your efforts to reach towards Jesus and allow him to show you what is in store. Be blessed and I pray you and your families have a very Merry Christmas!


How can you show faith in the little things God gives you?

What can you do to put your Godly gift on display for others to see?

Are you striving every day to move forward in your faith in Jesus?

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