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We Know the Location of Noah's Ark 🤯

“The water receded steadily from the earth. At the end of the hundred and fifty days the water had gone down, and on the seventeenth day of the seventh month the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat.” Genesis 8:3-4

Hello friends and merry Christmas! In honor of King Jesus, the “ark” of our salvation, this holiday season I’m looking at the first ark – Noah’s Ark – and WHERE we would find it today! IN FACT, I talk all about it this week in my new video “On Location from Noah’s Ark (Sort of) with Andrew Jones” at! Why is it that people doubt this story?? The Bible teaches it. By reason we can CLEARLY see that the world was once flooded with water. The SEDIMENTARY rock layers all over the world indicate CATASTROPHIC plate tectonics and fly in the face of slow, gradual uniformitarian models. Then there’s the FOSSILIZATION of billions of animals BURRIED RAPIDLY pointing to the truth of what happened. The SOFT TISSUE we find in dinosaur and other supposedly “ancient” creatures underscore it too. In case you haven’t heard, MARINE FOSSILS on the continents and mountain tops should give us a clue. Heck, even CARBON 14 DATING shows a young earth that is THOUSANDS, not millions, of years old. So why all the fuss about this cute little Bible story? Why not just START with believing God’s written testimony? That story hasn’t changed. And here’s the kicker: God even tells us WHERE the Ark came to rest after the catastrophic, global floodwaters receded – Ararat. It’s a series of mountains in eastern Turkey. Believe it! Then, put your trust in Jesus (God’s true Ark) today!


What are your feelings on Noah’s Ark and a global flood? Have you ever found the story hard to believe?

Why do you think so many people dismiss the book of Genesis as an accurate historical record?

Watch my new video “On Location from Noah’s Ark (Sort of) with Andrew Jones” at, and explain how you feel about the proposed final resting place of Noah’s Ark!

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